Investing in the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

10,000 Entrepreneurs (10KE) seeks to help young adults explore entrepreneurial careers.

10KE (10,000 Entrepreneurs) enables college students to pursue their entrepreneurial passions by giving them stipends for summer work at a fast-growing company or their own startup. We believe the world needs more creators and innovators, not lawyers or investment bankers.

1oKE Internship Grant

Our first initiative is the 10KE Internship Grant to help students exploring an entrepreneurial career with a small stipend. Here’s how it works.



Grants will be awarded to undergraduate college students. Students from our alumni fund schools are invited to apply, as well as undergrads from any U.S. school.



Use the grant for a summer internship with a startup or growth venture. The grant can also be used to explore your own startup. The funds are meant to help you supplement living expenses or fund your startup development costs.


Number of Awards

In 2020, we plan to award a minimum of 25 scholarships, $2500 apiece for individuals and $5000 apiece for teams. We anticipate the program will grow substantially in subsequent years. If you are interested in sponsoring, please click here.

Application Process

Fill out the 10KE Internship Grant here by January 20, 2020 to be considered in the first round of applicants. The paperwork takes about an hour. We will notify you in February if you’ve received the grant. Second round applications are due March 23, 2020.