The 10KE Experience

Our goal with the 10KE grant program is to give undergraduates a chance to explore an entrepreneurial venture—at their own startup or some other company. Whether or not they decide to become full-time entrepreneurs at some point, we hope the experience infuses and enriches their outlook.

Here is a sample of what some of our winners thought of the 10KE program. From Massachusetts to California, they reported back on their experiences—rating the 10KE experience a 5/5 across the board!

Testimonials from Previous Grant Winners

"The 10kE grant really helped me in terms of covering my living expenses in the city of Boston. Most of the grant was devoted to my rent and the rest covered my living expenses, as a result, this allowed me to spend more time to work on my own business ideas and explore Boston."

-Jerica Xu, Boston University

"I spent the summer working to build Lolly, a healthcare start-up that a few friends and I dreamt up last December. With the support of 10kE, we were able to prioritize Lolly above other work, learn a tremendous deal over the summer that ultimately led to us becoming the Mack Institute on Innovation's first undergraduate fellows, and finished building much of our platform."

-Zachary Sweeney, UPenn

"My cofounder and I went full time on our startup, and my 10KE grant enabled us to be a lot more comfortable with expenses like patent filings early on when we still have no revenue or funding completed."

-Greta Meyer, Stanford

"Since we have been bootstrapping, the 10kE summer grant was not only able to allow me to sustain myself, but also be used to further support the growth of my company."

-David Lu, Brown

"The 10kE grant was critical in allowing us to finalize our startup. We spent the summer creating and perfecting our AI platform which assesses human risk on job sites. We were also able to put together a pilot program with 30 firms who are interested in becoming full paying customers."

-Riley Noland, Stanford

"We participated in the Underscore VC summer accelerator. The funds from Underscore + the 10KE grant, provided the resources for necessary integrations and product deployment."

-Keith Corso, Northeastern

"My summer was wonderful! I truly enjoyed working at Astro Studios in California and at Acceleprise in NYC. Since both of these experiences were unpaid, the 10kE grant was very helpful in allowing me to work on what I love this summer."

-Eliana Berger, Northeastern