The 10KE Experience

Our goal with the 10KE grant program is to give undergraduates a chance to explore an entrepreneurial venture—at their own startup or some other company. Whether or not they decide to become full-time entrepreneurs at some point, we hope the experience infuses and enriches their outlook.

Here is a sample of what some of our winners thought of the 10KE program. From Massachusetts to California, they reported back on their experiences—rating the 10KE experience a 5/5 across the board!

Testimonials from our Previous Winners

Greta (2)

Greta is a Stanford Product Design Engineering major from Philadelphia, PA. She has worked in product management in AI (specifically voice) consumer tech products in the past, and is now trying to on revolutinize the feminine hygiene market

“ My cofounder and I went full time on our startup. My 10KE grant enabled us to be a lot more comfortable with expenses like patent filings early on when we still have no revenue or funding completed. ”

-Greta Meyer, Stanford

Timi is a rising senior at Tufts University majoring in Economics with a minor in Computer Science. He spends the majority of his spare time building and directing Worksense as its CEO, developing entrepreneurial ecosystems as a VP @ Contrary Capital, and thinking about ways to leverage venture capital to develop the economies of emerging markets

“ The 10KE grant was super helpful in significantly diminishing the financial implications of committing to Worksense over the summer. ”

-Timi DayoKayode, Tufts University

Timi (1)

Madison is an engineering student at Brown University. She co-founded Kezari, a minimalist travel lifestyle brand. She is also the first employee at Koi Prosthetics, a startup dedicated to designing low-cost universal solutions for amputees in developing countries.

“ This summer I interned at AVG’s venture fund for Brown alumni, Waterman Ventures [AVG gave birth to the 10KE program]. This was an incredible experience in itself, and the 10kE grant took it a step further…10kE made it possible to work on Kezari in my free time, initiating new marketing campaigns including our brand ambassador program and developing new sales channels. I also chatted with some other 10kE winners and learned about the exciting startups they were working on. It was a great plug-in to a network of talented entrepreneurs. ”

-Madison Frye, Brown University

Olly is a creative writing and computer science student at Washington University in St. Louis. He worked at Simulpass, a digital networking platform, over the summer. Starting his internship with the company, he was not the most experienced software developer, but

“ thanks to the 10KE Internship Grant, [he] was able to dedicate [his] undivided attention to learning new languages and programs— sometimes for a week or weeks at a time— without costing Simulpass money. ”

-Oliver Cohen, Washington University

Olli (1)
Bri (2)

Bri Makaric is the founder of BRITE bites, a probiotic snack bite company packed with superfood seeds. She started this company motivated by her own digestion issues and desire to find an easier, more convenient way to get probiotics in her diet. Bri will be graduating from Michigan State University in May 2020 with a degree in Advertising Management.

“ The 10kE Grant was helpful as my company was able to fund inventory and work on developing new packaging, which is launching shortly. ”

-Bri Makaric, Michigan State University

Riley is a rising senior at Stanford University studying Symbolic Systems with a concentration in mathematical logic. Riley is interested in the use of computer vision within medical applications. In his free time, Riley enjoys kayaking in Monterey Bay or hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

"The 10kE grant was critical in allowing us to finalize our startup.”

-Riley Noland, Stanford University