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About 10,000 Entrepreneurs

10,000 Entrepreneurs (10KE) was started by venture firm Alumni Ventures Group (AVG) in 2019 to foster development of a deeper entrepreneurial ecosystem. We’re beginning by helping college students pursue entrepreneurial projects and careers through our 10KE Internship Grant.

Our goal is to encourage undergrads to explore entrepreneurship, in its broadest form, regardless of their ultimate career choices.

We understand that it’s often easier to follow the well-traveled road and pursue a career in law, medicine, banking, or consulting. We want to support those who are interested in exploring a path that may be less familiar or lucrative at first, but can ultimately be exceptionally rewarding for both individuals and society.

10KE Executives


Michael Collins

Executive Director


Bill Conrad

Independent Director


Jim Gill

Independent Director


Beth Obermiller


About Alumni Ventures Group

AVG is a different type of venture capital firm. The company makes the VC asset class accessible to millions of accredited individuals who were previously unable to own a diversified venture portfolio. Since 2014, the company has grown from one to 25 different funds. AVG is routinely listed by PitchBook and Dow Jones as one of the most active venture firms in the world.